What is Content Strategy?

10 Mar

Halvorson’s book “Content Strategy for the Web” is the best single source on the subject. I’ve read it half a dozen times by now. Here’s her explanation of exactly what content strategy is is and how it works.

Kristina Halvorson talks content strategy from Andy Santamaria on Vimeo.

I finally did it. I got to meet Kristina Halvorson. If you don’t know who she is, today’s your lucky day. She is the president and founder of Brain Traffic, a company specializing in content strategy for the web. What is content strategy? It sounds a little nebulous or something you might hear about in a jargon-fest-of-the-year conference. Well, the concepts are pretty straight-forward, but it’s much more than just writing and laying out text on a website — But I’ll let her tell you about it.

Here’s a short conversation we had about her new book, Content Strategy for the Web.

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