The Atmosphere Interactive Gallery Experience

14 Mar

The London Science Museum’s new Atmosphere gallery has some impressive interactive educational tools that explain climate change. I love design like this because it’s a much more immersive experience than the traditional educational museum where you stand around just looking at stuff.  The UX and graphic design in the video looks awesome. Take a look.

A few years ago, I designed the experience for a 60 inch touchscreen kiosk that premiered at Wired’s Nextfest. It demonstrated some really forward thinking mobile sensing technology built by a UCLA graduate group called Urban Sensing. The kiosk experience allowed attendees at Nextfest to interact with a simulation and explanation of the technology. We wanted to let people see what the tech was like without merely explaining it to them or handing them a brochure. That’s really where interactive educational tools come alive. When done well, they immerse people in exploration and discovery which creates an impactful and memorable experience.

PEIR touchscreen

The opening interaction for the PEIR touchscreen kiosk.

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