Failure is the New Black

29 Mar

Failure in the design industry has been a hot topic for the last few years to the point it has now become a meme of sorts. As designers immersed in digital technology, we have the unique opportunity to fail more often and meaningfully than other industries because the toll of failure is less dramatic. When engineers, lawyers and doctors fail the results are catastrophic. When developers, designers and advertisers fail, the results are generally less damaging and costly.

In the design industry failure is slowly becoming an integrated (if undocumented) part of our iterative process that teaches us how to work more efficiently and thoughtfully.

The Scott Berkun preso below takes a comprehensive look at how the design industry treats failure compared to industries who have a more thoroughly standardized process.


This next preso by Brandon Schauer of Adaptive Path addresses how to “fail your way to finding your great experience.”

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