Twitter Brand Pages

5 Apr

Twitter announced that they are developing brand pages similar to those on Facebook. I understand why they’re doing it from a business perspective, but I’m not sure it’s such a great idea.

The current philosophy of the Twitter design is very egalitarian where every single user has access to the same tools and 140 character voice. This intrinsically gives regular Twitter users the same quality of voice as a brand or business, which has turned communications between the two parties on their head. Instead of brands merely pushing messaging at users, Twitter created a platform in which the two parties were forced into conversation precisely because each has access to the same voice.

Now, with the new Twitter brand pages, businesses will have access to new (probably paid) tools that allow them to utilize other types of longer form messaging. This inevitably will lead to bad marketing where brands are again tempted to push useless messaging at their customers. This business plan, if executed well, may merely add a slightly annoying yet totally avoidable layer to a great platform. If executed poorly, it has the possibility of breaking the back of the design philosophy that has made Twitter so successful.

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