Wireframes vs. Prototypes

12 Sep

The preso below by Russ Unger from the recent UX Isreal shows some of the differences between wire-framing and prototyping. Each documentation style has a distinct purpose, but UXsters love to debate their merits.

As long as the documentation clearly delineates the design strategy and interface structure I think the choice between wire-framing and prototyping often lies in the audience for the document. Some clients will never read an annotated wireframe but they might click through a prototype. Alternately, some developers hate prototypes because they don’t always reflect the exact functionality that they suggest. In either case, think about who is going to use them instead of jumping whole hog into one camp.

The preso also contains a couple videos that make wire-framing seem way more exciting than it really is. Maybe I’ll show them to my Mom.

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