Getting the Experience Right the First Time

7 May

I was recently in a meeting about a mobile specific website design where the overarching strategy was being subjugated by our clients and account executives misunderstanding about our audience as well as the mobile medium. Fortunately, I was able to steer the ship back on course but there was a definite moment of resistance from the room to create the right experience that matched our audience’s needs.

It’s important that one is always willing to change direction and put in the extra effort to get the experience right from the get go. Honestly, what we’re doing is really expensive. Like hundreds of thousands of dollars expensive. Don’t be lazy when it comes to design strategy. Being lazy about a design decision, even once, will affect every aspect of the project. Project timelines will slip, engagement rates will fall, teams will become demoralized and everyone will have to work harder to make up for that one minute of lost vigilance. Real talk.

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