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26 Jul

Clear thinking at the wrong moment can stifle creativity.

– Karl Lagerfeld


Connecting – Trends in UI, Interaction, & Experience Design

29 May

Re-watching this cause it’s pretty great.


15 May

The function of the creative artist consists of making laws, not in following laws already made.

– Ferruccio Busoni

Linds Redding

31 Jan

It is a universal truth that all artists think they a frauds and charlatans, and live in constant fear of being exposed. We believe by working harder than anyone else we can evade detection. The bean-counters rumbled this centuries ago and have been profitably exploiting this weakness ever since. You don’t have to drive creative folk like most workers. They drive themselves. Just wind ‘em up and let ‘em go.

– Linds Redding

From his blog


11 Jul

If the artist does not fling himself, without reflecting, into his work, as Curtis flung himself into the yawning gulf, as the soldier flings himself into the enemy’s trenches, and if, once in this crater, he does not work like a miner on whom the walls of his gallery have fallen in; if he contemplates difficulties instead of overcoming them one by one … he is simply looking on at the suicide of his own talent.

– Honoré de Balzac


11 Jul

There is seven-eights of it under water for every part that shows. Anything you know you can eliminate and it only strengthens your iceberg. It is the part that doesn’t show. If a writer omits something because he does not know it then there is a hole in the story.

– Ernest Hemingway


5 Jul

If I’ve learned one thing in the 14 years I’ve been a full-time cartoonist, it’s that you can not let anyone else define your professionalism. It has to be a personal ethos to which you adhere despite third party influence or acceptance. The old measuring sticks for professionalism are going away and now more than ever it’s time for independent creatives to set the bar. Set it high.

– Scott R. Kurtz

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