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KPCB Internet Trends 2013

30 May

Super solid internet trends report. Must read for all people in the industry.


Connecting – Trends in UI, Interaction, & Experience Design

29 May

Re-watching this cause it’s pretty great.

PSFK Report: Future of Real Time Information

10 May

I finally spent some time going through all these PSFK reports, which are all pretty genius. The best of the bunch is the Real Time Information report. It is the most insightful in regards to the holistic impact that mobile technologies are having on our lives.

I worked with Deborah Estrin, who is quoted throughout the report, at CENS/PIER to create a demo of some of the work they are doing with personal environmental data. It was exciting to see how they were able to take these extremely broad data sets and personalize them in a relevant way. You can see some of the work I did at

Check out the PSFK  Future of Real Time Information report below.

Martin Professional Headquarters

11 Jun

Gorgeous organic interactive display that reacts to passerbys.

Alive from Rune Nielsen on Vimeo.

Continue reading

Chanel’s Multitouch Table

1 Jun

Chanel’s new interactive table is one of the better examples I’ve seen of these technologies. We’ve been promised interactive tables from Microsoft’s Surface to applications like Audiopad’s. So far, each of them has been more of a proof of concept and not monetizable in any relevant way. Chanel’s table is just an experiential branded toy, which frankly is a great use of this tech.

3 metre Multitouch Table from Muchomedia on Vimeo.

In January 2011 Muchomedia delivered a giant 3m50 x1m30 multitouch table for the French Luxury company Chanel. The context was an exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Shanghai “Culture Chanel”. The table is entirely conceived and built in Muchomedia’s workshop in Paris. The software runs on the AAASeed platform by Mâa Berriet with interactive design by La Forme Interactive.

The table has five full HD Optoma projectors and uses our homegrown LLP (laser) technology. More than 10 simultaneous users and limitless touch points.

We are presently perfecting the technology to make the experience even bigger and brighter for upcoming made to measure solutions.

Failure is the New Black

29 Mar

Failure in the design industry has been a hot topic for the last few years to the point it has now become a meme of sorts. As designers immersed in digital technology, we have the unique opportunity to fail more often and meaningfully than other industries because the toll of failure is less dramatic. When engineers, lawyers and doctors fail the results are catastrophic. When developers, designers and advertisers fail, the results are generally less damaging and costly.

In the design industry failure is slowly becoming an integrated (if undocumented) part of our iterative process that teaches us how to work more efficiently and thoughtfully. Continue reading

Datacenter Design

22 Mar

Since I spend everyday designing for and using the internet along with heaps of data, I wanted to see how data centers work. This video is a great tour of an Intel data center that was retrofitted from an old factory. The amount of tech in there is amazing. They have the 3rd fastest supercomputer that’s using 14,336 Xeon cores!

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